When Boys Become Beasts

22 Jan

baby shoe and big shoe

Where did the time go?

It all happened not too long ago as we were packing up my son’s room to start the remodel.   You see, we are mean parents and have made our boys share a room for almost 13 years until we realized the eldest really kind of needed some privacy.  As I started going through boxes to figure out what we really couldn’t live without, I found Jason’s first pair of ‘real’ shoes.  Not the crib shoes you wear before you can walk — but the real Stride Rites that helped him venture into the world on his own two feet.  How sweet and tiny his feet USED to be.  Then it hit me — the dude is huge now — when did this happen?

I laid that first shoe next to the everyday reality of his current size 13 running shoe and I was dumbfounded to realize — my baby has become a beast. A huge, man-child that somehow I have to mold into a fine young man.  Thankfully, I believe in the Lord because I am going to need tons of prayers and faith to get through this journey.

I’ve navigated my way through the rearing of babies, little boys, big boys – but now, all of a sudden, I am faced with the sudden reality that I am bringing up beasts.  Smells, sounds, attitudes and all nature of surprises not much has prepared me for. Even though I grew up with a brother, somehow I missed out on the part where I was supposed to know how to handle male adolescence.

So as I come to this realization, I think it only best to document my trials, tribulations and triumphs so that hopefully I can share some answered prayers, warnings and advice for others who were also not warned that your babies are going to change!

Parenting Tip:  Be prepared to let them go, but keep loving them too.  [Deut 32:11  …like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young.  Then spreading its wings, lifting them into the air, teaching them to fly.]


2 Responses to “When Boys Become Beasts”


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