Seek to See

17 Feb

Clear as day

This is my entry table.  There is a catch-all basket for keys, glasses, etc.  And when I have outgoing mail or coupons ready to use, they sit on the table.  Can you find a haircut coupon in this picture?  I know this blog is about raising boys, but I often tell people I meet for the first time that I am actually raising 3 — my first two happen to be 30 years apart in age.  Yes my husband is an honorary beast, and yesterday he reminded me that beasts are indeed blind.

The condition afflicts my other beasts too.  I sent my youngest out to clip a piece of rosemary for me and it took 3 tries, even after I gave him a sample to take and match up.  I know, that isn’t fair — boys shouldn’t have to know which herb is which – but really, rosemary looks nothing like mint or parsley.   That event really didn’t bother me as much as the blatant instances where I am convinced males just can’t see.

In our house, we have an exchange that takes place when ‘they’ can’t find something.  “Mom, I can’t find my soccer cleats.”  I reply, “Did you seek them?”  It is to the point where my husband won’t ask for help until he’s actually bent his knees to look below eye level, moved an item from the front row of the pantry or opened every drawer in the fridge before he comes to me with tail tucked, “I really did seek it.”  Not just see, but seek.

It is just a little extra encouragement to ensure they’ve actually made the effort to ‘go in search of’ as the dictionary defines seek, and not just ‘form a mental picture’ to see something.  You really have to seek it to see it.  Make sense?

Now that this has become a new standard, I know they are trying.  I know they are seeking.  Right?  So they must be visually impaired.  The only thing in common, the only connection between all the things they seek but cannot find, is that these things 99.4% of the time are actually put away.  In their proper place.  Where they belong.  In a locale as expected.  Exactly as I’ve described.   Rarely is it an item in the middle of the floor, under the bed or strewn about the back of my car that they can’t locate.  Very interesting indeed.

A few days back, I had mentioned to my head beast that the coupon was in the basket on the entry table.  So yesterday when I arrived home to see his new high and tight hairstyle, I asked, “Did you use the coupon?”  Tail between his legs and eyes a little droopy, “I couldn’t find it on the entry table, but I really did seek it.”  Of course I went back to check, because there is always the chance that I am slightly crazy.  I could tell he looked around for it – he tried to seek it.  So clearly he must be blind, right? At least selectively so.

Parenting Tip:  Patiently lead your family to the correct answers, no matter how often the questions are asked.

Matthew 7:7  Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.]

2 Responses to “Seek to See”

  1. April Pollreisz February 18, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Try having a hubby that is actually visually impaired. LOL


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    […] Box Bias post.  Which in turn is related to the problem inflicting most males discussed in Seek to See.  I don’t know, but this behavior is just perplexing to me.   If you consciously grab a […]

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