Underwear Where?

18 Aug

Really, between the wall and trunk?

Lately I’ve been finding underwear in strange places throughout our home.  Today it was in our living room between a wall and trunk, not even close to where we set clean clothes or clothing of any condition for that matter.  It’s been happening a little more often and I’m assuming it is the result of my beast rejecting a pair that has either become to old for his liking or too small in size.  Or, it could possibly have been used as a weapon of some sort during a struggle between brothers recently held in our home.

It really goes for socks too.  I found a pair near the back door on the ledge of our big picture window.  If we had company sitting on the porch today, their view into my home would have been a random pair of socks behind our couch.  So weird.

I don’t get it.  If the unders are too old, put them in your little brother’s drawer or just throw them away, but please don’t decorate my house in them. Perhaps it is all my fault. For not too long ago (on days when I felt generous) I would deliver clean, folded clothes into his room and within seconds rejected socks or unders would be hurled back into the hallway.  It took some repeated scolding, but that behavior finally stopped.  Now I guess it has just transitioned or maybe these are remnants I’m just now finding?

Anyway, if you come to visit and find a stray piece of fabric peeking from behind the piano, refrigerator or who knows where else.  Would you be so kind as to let me know?

Parenting Tip:  Can’t get them to do the laundry?  Hold back their favorite clothing item(s), they’ll eventually contribute and do a load.

[Proverbs 28:19 Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.]


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