Death of a backpack

3 Sep

Apple juice does not age well

Tomorrow is the first day my 6th grade beast will dress out for his P.E. class.  So after convincing him that he should pack a set of gym clothes AND take deodorant, we went to his room to load up a drawstring backpack.  As we sifted through the closet, I found DVDs and clothes tucked in odd places.  I looked at my baby beast who admitted, “That’s from our summer vacation when you told me to unpack.  I didn’t feel like putting the DVDs in the game room so I shoved them in there.”   I replied, “We’ll deal with this stuff later,” meaning he has an added chore for Saturday’s list.

But the drama ensued when we ventured into the corner where all his drawstring backpacks are hanging.  I lifted up the first one to find a wad of smelly clothes that had petrified slightly from the sweat they’d once absorbed.  I dumped all its contents out on the floor directing my beast to clean the bag out and went on to drawstring bag #2.

Heaven help me. Inside were the remnants of his summer mission trip from July — a trip taken over 8 weeks ago.  It made the dirty clothes from bag #1 seem quite pleasant compared to the Capri Sun slime that presently oozed out of its ripened container.  (Lesson learned – look before you reach in or dump out any questionable carrying bags.)  I quickly handed this to my beast with instructions to take the bag outside for cleaning.   But the worst was yet to come….

Bag #3… it left a trail of destruction behind.  You know, recently Dr. Oz did a show where he mentioned apple juice has trace amounts of arsenic in it.   Well, what he didn’t divulge was that if you leave apple juice in a drawstring bag for who knows how long, and the cap isn’t on completely, and the apple juice collects and sits, that it will basically mutate into a horrendous moldy, mucus-like property that will work its way through plastic-coated canvas and form a syrup-like puddle on hardwood floor.  So very nasty.

As a mother, I’ve been peed on, pooped on, puked on, sneezed on, coughed on, spit on and probably more that I don’t even realize… but the stuff inside this bag did not look like anything I’d ever encountered.   A quite unnatural display of rot is the best I can describe.  In fact, after this experience and seeing the after-effects, I am not sure how I feel about apple juice anymore.

Parenting Tip:  To be sure they’re empty, have your kids turn bags inside out before storing them away.

[Romans 8:21 …the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay.]


One Response to “Death of a backpack”

  1. Billie Martin September 5, 2012 at 8:41 pm #

    Well. does sound pretty gross. Go ahead and keep the Boys though. If you traded them, the next ones could be much worse. and we do love both of the ones you have now!!!!!!!!!!

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