They’re Not My Socks

2 Jun

Father's socks

Father Beast’s socks

Wife to Father Beast, “Whose socks are these on the floor?”

Father Beast to wife, “Not mine, they must be our eldest beast’s.”

“Eldest beast, are these yours?”

Eldest beast, “No, I don’t wear socks like those. Those are Daddy’s.”

“Honey, look at these socks.  Aren’t they yours?”

“No, I haven’t worn white socks all weekend,” as wife lifts socks to show Father Beast.  “Oh, wait.  Those look like mine.  Yeah, maybe I did wear socks like that recently. Oh, yeah — those are mine.”

Eldest beast's socks

Eldest beast’s socks

As I turn to walk away, I see the eldest beast’s socks on the floor on other side of the room. Ugh.  Welcome to Sunday night at my house.


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