More Stocking Stuffer Ideas

7 Dec

A couple of years ago I posted Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Boys because it’s kind of difficult to come up with stuff for beasts.  So, here is round two for moms who need some fresh ideas.batteries

Pack of AA and/or AAA batteries.  Always good for calculators, remote controls, etc.  There always seems to be a need.

portable charger

Portable charger so they can charge their phone during class, track meets, tournaments, band contests or whatever event – keep it inside their backpack and it needs no outlet.  These can run from $10 to $40 but sure are handy.


Little Itty Bitty’s from Hallmark are so cute and the variety gives you a chance to pick out their favorite character from years past.   Woody, Batman, Nemo all of Star Wars are available just to name a few.  My favorite is Chewbaca as shown.

USB drive

Fun USB so they can bring home assignments or large files if their teacher isn’t using that new fangled Google classroom yet.

pimple popper

Pimple popper – yes, it’s gross but they’re beasts.  And chances are if they like to shoot off fireworks, hunt, or play video games where any type of battle is involved, they’ll enjoy watching the release of clogged pores too.  I told you, it’s gross!

Below, I’ve featured a few mini-grooming supplies to hopefully alleviate the issues addressed in the entry: Good God in heaven!


Portable mouthwash, ’cause let’s face it, not every beast will brush their teeth when they should.


Travel size body spray in case they run out of time to shower, but please teach them not to douse their body with this stuff… ugh.

hair and body

Combo hair/body wash for the locker room – ’cause naturally it saves time to just rub the same soap from your head to your toes. Just be grateful their washing at all.

I suppose you could do a whole toiletries locker kit too, but I’m sure it’s wishful thinking that they’d use all the items, so it may be best to just send the immediate needs and add to it if it makes sense.  Now that I think about it, my youngest hasn’t asked for any of his to be replaced since beginning of the year.  Which is why I’m also recommending this next item.

air freshner

Air fresheners – the old school rear view mirror kind for the locker.  For some reason my youngest got a really big locker and all the upperclassmen put their stink in his locker.  They have kindly told me how his locker ‘smells amazing’, and not in a good way…. so he’s getting these this year too.

And for last ditch ideas, there are always gasoline, restaurant, or movie gift cards; something related to their favorite sport or hobby and of course snack foods are always enjoyed.

Last but not least… a sweet Christmas letter from you telling them how great life is with them in it, what great things you’ve seen them do, and what you look forward to seeing for them in the coming year.  They may act uninterested by the letter, but I actually found one tucked away with other ‘special’ items in one of my beasts room the other day.  Whether they admit it or not, what beast doesn’t like to be told how great they are.

Hope this helps.  Happy shopping (or ordering online) and Merry Christmas!



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